Ruckus Conference - 2016

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. April 28, 2016

About the Event

Ruckus! was conceived as a forum for high school youth, educators and community partners across the GTA to be able to mobilize around various anti-oppression and youth issues. Youth Action Network (YAN) was founded by motivated high school students in 1989. Among its many accomplishments, YAN started Youth Week in 1995, an internationally recognized event; and established Ruckus! which is now an award winning anti-oppression and youth activism conference for youth and allies. Ruckus! was first coordinated in 2001 and has been nationally recognized by the Canadian Race Relations Foundation for excellence in the promotion of Anti-Racism and Equity.

As one of Canada’s first youth-led charities, Youth Action Network empowers youth and their allies to take an active role in social change through education, action and resource development. YAN is committed to pioneering meaningful leadership opportunities for youth, supporting grassroots youth-led efforts, and providing resources to youth to help facilitate their initiatives. YAN’s vision is a critically conscious society where youth and their allies are actively engaged in working for social change in their communities.
Youth Action Network (YAN)



Panel discussions and events



plus our Keynote: Desmond Cole



for students to grow and learn.


April 28, 2016
our keynote is Desmond Cole


  • Desmond-Cole-

    Desmond Cole

Desmond Cole
Freelance journalist, radio show host, activist and community worker Desmond Cole has brought attention to a diversity of social issues, including racial profiling and immigration. Desmond’s 2015 Toronto Life cover story “The Skin I’m In: I’ve been interrogated by police more than 50 Times - all because I’m black” started the conversation about the police carding system and has been front and centre in the movement to abolish the practice.

Sponsorship Package

As a Ruckus! 2016 partner, you will be supporting a vibrant conference in the Toronto youth culture and activism scene and ultimately contribute to its success. Your sponsorship and donations will allow us to access resources, facilitators, venues, materials, guests and the logistics associated with facilitating a quality conference for Toronto youth. Ruckus! offers a range of benefits to our sponsors.

Sponsors will have the opportunity to directly reach youth, community members and organizations from diverse backgrounds and neighbourhoods in addition to thousands more through our website, posters, a live stream of the conference, and other promotional activities.

Ruckus! raises funds on an annual basis from community businesses, generous individuals, institutional funding and arts grants from various levels of government. We highly value the contributions to positive social change our sponsors make every year and offer various incentives by way of showing our appreciation, as well as charitable tax deduction receipts for all donations.

All funds raised for the purposes of the conference are used to offer a high caliber conference that gives Toronto youth access to great resources, excellent speakers and a variety of workshops and facilitators who offer a diverse knowledge base.

Your donations will make a difference in the lives of many youth by providing them with the skills and tools necessary to disrupt an oppressive status-quo.
Please see our sponsorship/fundraising package for more details.


Contact Us at YAN (Youth Action Network), Empowering youth to take action in their communities!

The Ruckus! Youth Conference is an annual two day conference that engages youth in Toronto to question, critique, mobilize, debate, learn and act with the issues around them.

Taking place on April 28th, 2016 at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Our 2016 conference promises to be a great success – attracting a diverse community and featuring a broader spectrum of speakers, workshops and creative skills building sessions. We would also be pleased to discuss.


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